Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Craft Project: Spray-painted tin cans

Got empty cans at home? Then you can do this easy, easy DIY craft project and you will have the cutest decoration pieces for your home.

Things required:
Empty tin cans
Spray paint of choice
Plastic bowl
Mechanical pencil with eraser end
White acrylic paint
River pebbles
Dried flowers


   Remove the label of the can
    Wash with warm water and soap to remove glue. It is fairly easy to remove.

Lay out on a flat surface, upside-down. Make sure you lay some paper down to catch the spray paint.
I used Rust-Oleum spray paint in satin aqua. I got this at Walmart for $3.77  This thing has lasted me a while...I have spray painted over 10 cans and bottles, and there's still more remaining. 

Make sure to test the nozzle on a rough surface if it is your first time using spray paint. Spraying a few times makes for smoother spraying. 
Don't spray too much or too close, as it can cause dripping. Let it dry thoroughly for an hour.
Add few drops of white acrylic paint into a plastic bowl. I used Plaid Apple Barrel acrylic paint in white. This is 57 cents at Walmart. Steal.

  Using eraser end of mechanical pencil, dip it into the white paint and dot onto can.
It isn't perfect but isn't that all the rouge nowadays, shabby-chic. Of course you can be neater lol. Let the dots dry completely.
I bought these river pebbles in a baggie at Ikea. I think they were a dollar at most.
Fill less than half-way with pebbles.
Got a left-over, dried bouquet of flowers at home? Almost 90% of bouquets have these tiny white flowers, called baby's breath (just found out from Google). Shorten a few of this according to the size of your can.
Stick them in the middle of the can, among the pebbles, they should stay put owing to the weight of the pebbles.
And you're done! I have made a few before and I am absolutely loving them. Boho chic done cheap! You can also spray paint empty glass bottles. I filled this coke bottle with dried daises my hubby bought me last year.

There are some cool links on pinterest where they show you how to pot an actual plant in tin cans...I don't have a very green thumb, although I would like to. This project doesn't require upkeep and that is a good thing.

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