Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food we ate in Richmond

 I am ashamed to say that we mostly ate at chain restaurants while at Richmond. We didn't have time to experiment with local restaurants....well, we kind of did with one restaurant. My hubby has to get his bangladeshi or indian food fix couple of times a week and after eating at american diners for 3 days, on the 4th he had to have some. So we stopped at this Indian restaurant called Farouk's House of India in the neighborhood of Carytown. They had the ever popular lunch buffet for the bargain price of $7.99. You know its scary if it is that cheap. Nonetheless, we stepped into the almost deserted dining area. The food looked limpy and dull. It tasted even worse, like it was twice or maybe thrice cooked.  Because we were pressed for time we chose the buffet. I am not one for Indian buffets, I'd rather order from the menu to avoid such disappointments. However, we did have some great meals in other restaurants. I don't have a picture, but on the night we landed in Richmond, we had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. They were running their 2 for $25 special. We had calamari for appetizer and for entree, steak and mashed potatoes alongside caesar salad. I love Longhorn Steakhouse's bread. It is soft, pillowy and sweet. With some butter spread on it, I could eat rolls and rolls of them. I didn't get to take pictures because I was dog-tired and my phone was out of charge.

We ate at a Thai establishment the next day for lunch. Hubby recommended this place because he ate here when he visited Richmond last year. We ordered the tom yum soup, which turned out to be a bit too sour for my taste but still full of mushrooms which I love. For main, no surprise here, I ordered the flat glass noodles and my hubby seafood fried rice. My glass noodles were bit too spicy and greasy, which caused me to sneeze more than five times. Hubby's seafood fried rice had a bit too much of the sea as his mussels were gritty with sand. I went to Whole Foods after to get me a cupcake. We plonked on the bed and dozed off with stomach full of carbs.

We opted for Red Lobster the next day for dinner. With their lobsterfest going on, we decided to order the Rock Lobster and Sirloin, known as the Wood-Grilled Sirloin Surf & Turf. I went with ravenous hunger that day (no surprise here) so I inhaled the cheddar bay biscuits they serve you upon arrival. I love how they come wrapped in those towels, as if they are some precious gold. I learned another trick, order salad dressing on the side or you end up eating dressing with a little bit of lettuce. The caesar dressing was so, so, so good. The main course was pretty okay. First of all, I think Maine lobster is probably the way to go when it comes to lobster and secondly, don't order steak at a seafood restaurant. The lobster was sweet but a bit rubbery. I asked for a medium steak and I got well done. Oh well. The melted butter didn't taste like butter, tasted bit margarine-y to me. I know butter from other stuff, so its pointless giving me the fake stuff....Complains aside, we did enjoy dinner. My jacket buttons have been complaining ever since.

Anyway, I still can't believe I'm writing about chain restaurants...but you know, when you are in a new town, tired and exhausted, you really need to turn to what you know. We ducked our heads and ate at creativity there. Surprises can come in a bad way and for trying out local hotspots, I reckon you need at least a week. Overall, our gastronomic experience in Richmond was mediocre. 

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