Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trip to Richmond, VA

So my hubby had to scurry to Richmond, VA for work purposes and took me along. We stayed at the Aloft hotel. Very contemporary, very modern-techno, very eclectic color scheme.

We didn't get to visit too many places due to the sudden terrible weather conditions. We did visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and a cute little retail district called Carytown. They were close to each other and we managed to squeeze in a little time before our flight back to Dallas. The neighborhood of Carytown has the most famous Byrd Theater, which opened in 1928 and was the first theater to be equipped with a sound system. It is also referred to as 'Richmond's Movie Palace'

 Hubby had to stop at starbucks quickly to log into work. I love my hubby.I sipped on this humongous green tea frappe while playing Fruit Ninja :)

 I thoroughly enjoyed the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Its free, free, free! All you have to do is pay $5 for parking and you can view some of the coolest finds from all over the world. From native american artifacts to egyptian coffins, the museum offers bits of most ancient and modern civilizations.

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