Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First rant of 2016

So I can't rant on Facebook because its been a while since I have and since its become that place where, if you write something 'hearty', people jump to all kinds of conclusion.
Better I keep those 'hearty' stuff here instead of more public places. I am certain not too many folks hit this spot, so I feel better ranting on here.

Okay. So what is this? What is going on? Jealousy. Whats up with jealousy? I mean, I am jealous too but I rarely let it destroy my relationships with different people. Like people will be jealous of stuff you buy, of stuff you get from other people, of your looks, of your significant other, etc.etc. I don't know. I'm not all that. I'm chubby with a pudgy nose and fat thighs. 

Anyways, I went to a mediocre school growing up and that is probably what has helped me remain somewhat grounded today even though I am at a very good place in life. I am not singing my own praise but the type of people I have encountered lately...especially the last four years, absolutely deplorable.

I encountered people who I thought were my friend, but was sorely mistaken. But when I say all this, one might think they probably did some kind of backstabbing or something really horrible. No. They didn't. They did like annoying things. Like for instance, if I did something for them, it wouldn't be appreciated or reciprocated. A good friend of mine and I were discussing this over the phone the other day and she mentioned how this whole process was getting tiresome and gruesome. I don't even feel like writing about this anymore.

I am so glad to be back in Oman, close to my family. I mean, I will be ever grateful to my husband for magically landing a job here. I love him so much for that.