Saturday, February 23, 2013

Restaurant Review: Banana Leaf Thai

After much scouting about the internet for a good thai restaurant (viz. Urbanspoon and Yelp), hubby and I decided upon Banana Leaf Thai. Upon entering, only two tables were filled and usually it bothers me when a restaurant isn't too busy. At least the decor seemed cozy and inviting. We sat ourselves in a roomy booth . This was a day we went with ravenous hunger, so immediately ordered a plate of Thai spiced wings($4.99) for appetizer and a glass of thai iced-tea.
My only gripe about the thai iced tea was that it was too sweet. So I asked them to put extra milk in it. It was still too sweet. Hubby and I shared.
 We received 6 wings. We got a sweet sauce and red chilli flakes on the side. They were crunchy and doused with the condiments, tasted quite thai-like.

For main, I ordered the Pad Kee Mow with beef ($11.99). I seriously need to order something new the next time I go to a thai place. I order this every time I go to a thai place. Its almost like a quest for finding the best pad kee mow in town. The last couple of times I went to a thai place I was sorely disappointed with the portion. I am a portion whore. If I am paying 10 bucks or more, I need it to fill my plate at least 70%. I was not disappointed. My plate was overflowing with glistening, flat glass noodles doused in a level-3 spicy sauce, veggies, eggs and beef. L-O-V-E. I couldn't finish it all, so had to take leftovers home. This hasn't happened in a while. Praise the Lord!

 Hubby orders what I would like to call 'the wifey'. Spicy Basil Fried rice with beef ($10.99). This is what he has been ordering since he ever knew of thai restaurants. Its got rice (his favorite) and beef (his favorite). He, too, was blown away by the portion. See, we've been deceived with skimpy portions in the past and this time it was like an awakening. I sound like such a glutton! His fried rice was a level 4-spicy and had strips of basil running through the rice besides veggies, eggs and beef.

 Clearly we didn't have room for dessert after all that food, so I decided to take a picture of the dessert menu to decide for next time. I already know what dessert I am going to get:  Rice pudding with egg custard.

 So, overall our experience was fabulous. We left with stomachs full and faces happy. There was this cute thai-esque decor outside. Had to take a pic.
These are phone pics, so not so fabulous. 

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