Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Curling my already curly hair

You know how we all love everything 'controlled' we don't always like things 'as is'. We want to control the look tweaking a few things. Hair is one of those things that look best when styled with either a styling tool or styling products.  For instance, I love the look of curls created by a curling iron, as it tends to look more polished and neat. So a few days ago, I decided to whip out my curling wand that I bought almost 5 years ago. I must say that using a curling iron can cause some 'wrist fatigue' which is basically the tired feeling in your wrist after holding up the curling iron for long. Anyway, I did spray some hairspray before and after curling as the curls tend to loose their bounce within an hour (in my hair at least as my hair is very fine in texture).

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