Thursday, February 6, 2014

Restaurant Review: Jasmine Thai

One of the first memories of my husband and I are of our sporadic visits to a Thai restaurant in Buffalo called Jasmine. Their food was perfection and we miss it dearly. So imagine our delight when we spotted a restaurant by the very same name right here in Dallas! This past weekend we decided to try it out and the best part is it is conveniently located at 2050 W Springcreek Pkway, Plano TX, which is right by our favorite desi grocery store (Indo pak supermarket, where we buy our meats, lentils, etc.). The restaurant is a rather small one. If you can get past the tiny seating area, its actually not too bad. Decorated aptly with golden figurines synonymous with thai culture, the interior was actually quite cozy.

For appetizer we ordered the Thai Herbal Chicken ($7.95). Its described as an original Thai dish in the menu. Its super crunchy fried pieces of boneless chicken and basil leaves, sprinkled with copious amounts of crushed chilli flakes. It was quite spicy actually. We both loved it and the portion was huge for an appetizer.

For main, I ordered the glass noodles with beef (Pad Kee Mao) $10.95 and it was dressed in the most delicious garlicky, spicy sauce with a slight hint of sweetness. They had the sweetness spot on. Usually a lot of Thai places will OD on the sugar and then I am just left with this sweet feeling in my mouth, whether I just had dessert or savory. However, this place really satisfied me thoroughly. The portion was ginormous (I did go on a very hungry stomach!). One gripe was that the pieces of beef were shredded a bit too fine, so they were almost like ground meat. Nonetheless, it was terrific. I am almost thinking about going there again this weekend :)

Hubby ordered the basil fried rice with beef $9.95. He was real happy with his meal as well. It was well-seasoned, spicy to his likeness with a generous portion of meat. Those slices of cucumber and wedge of lime really strikes a chord with our inner bangladeshiness.

We were so stuffed from all the food, we had no room for dessert. Overall, we enjoyed our experience here. Service was prompt and servers were friendly, we would definitely visit again.  

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