Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am a goofball

I wrote this poem for my hubby a few weeks ago (I put it in his breakfast bag)...its pretty self-explanatory. I used to do this quite often before where I would write short poems about daily life activities and such...

As the night grew younger,
A thought crossed my mind.
A new breakfast for tomorrow?
Something in the fridge I can find.
A daily bowl of oatmeal,
What a bore it can be!
Brown eggs look upon me,
‘Cook me up will you please?’
Out came the frying pan,
Some onions and chillies too.
Behold! A beautiful omelet
Can this be really true?
Two slices of soft brown bread,
Hugged the eggs so nice.
A sandwich so nutritious,
You couldn’t put a price!
Tomorrow awaits new breakfast,
‘Yummy’ I hope you’ll say.
These eggs are so joyous,
They wish you a fruitful day! 

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