Monday, January 13, 2014

A quick entry into 2014

Umm ok, so really... is it really 2014 already? Feels a bit surreal doesn't it? I was just thinking, there was a time, when I used to write in this diary that had scented pages and a lock! I used to guard it with my life! I used to write about what I did everyday and used to make it sound like a happy fairy tale. I am sure it's upbringing and schooling that leads us to think of everything in a 'fairy tale' kind of way. Many may argue that it leads to easy disappointments, but I think it's that thinking that fills you with hope on the darkest of days. So as an ode to those good old diary entries, I will write what I did today, in a fairy tale kind of way.

My hubby and I watched the Golden Globes today. I anxiously look forward to the Golden Globes every year. All the glittering gowns, iridescent makeup and dark tuxes makes me feel glamorous right in the middle of my living room! In honor of the globes, I decided to cook a calorie-laden dinner to further amp up the excitement (wearing a gown and pearls would have probably been more fitting of an activity but oh well). I made mutton korma (goat in a creamy sauce consisting of greek yogurt and almonds) and pulao (like pilaf). Hubby whipped up his 'desi' salad which consists of slivered cucumber, tomatoes, onion, cilantro and green chillies with a dash of mustard oil. We plonked ourselves stagnant in front of the TV and munched away. Bits of rice fell on the couch and smidgen of sauce got on the remote, but its in these imperfect moments that we get closer. If you ever came to our apartment, you will never find it pristine and neat...we are messy because we believe a good time doesn't understand neat! Back to the awards, I was soooooo happy that Byan Cranston won best actor in a tv series (drama) and Breaking Bad won best tv series (drama). By the end of it, we had jotted down all the winning movies that we have yet to watch. As the clock struck 10, hubby retired to bed while I wound up a few last minute chores. It was a lovely evening :) Hope everyone has a great week ahead :)

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