Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Product Review: Aura Cacia Organic Rosehip Oil

I bought this at Whole Foods a month ago. It was on sale for $9.99 but it retails for $12-$14, depending on where you buy it from. I used to use Rosehip Oil a while ago and it helped me a lot with acne scars. It can be a tad too moisturizing on young skin and my skin is still like a teenager ( I don't know if that's a good thing or bad). However, it works well as a overnight skin treatment. It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly.
 As you can see, the ingredients are Organic Rosehip oil and Vitamin E. It says on the bottle that you can use it as a face serum, body oil and a nourishing hair massage. I haven't tried it on my hair yet but I am sure its going to be very beneficial.
Its a orange- y looking oil, slightly thick with a funny smell. I would say the smell is a little fishy, maybe even a bit mayonnaise like. It says on the bottle to keep it in the refrigerator and I do that. I think this is one of those oils that go rancid very quickly. I hope to use it up soon and so far, I have been using as a night time moisturizer and I love it. Two thumbs up for this smelly but efficient oil!

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