Friday, May 10, 2013

New favorite body spray+body moisturizer

I know you're thinking 'wha?'...something a teenager or high-schooler would wear but here's my thing. I like candy, sugary smelling body products. I don't eat as many cupcakes and pastries as I would like to so to come over that craving and desire, I just try to smell like one lol. And please, the packaging is just on point. I love the pink and fluorescent green combination. This is part of Bath and Body Works' Signature collection and its called Honey Sweetheart. It is described as a mix of honeyed violets and pink sugar. The fragrance mist on its own is kind of weak so you need to pair it with the body cream and then for a good while you'll be smelling like a floral pink cupcake! The scent just makes me happy and puts me into a positive mood.
I got the buy one get one free so I paid $14 for both which isn't too shabby and these things last a while.

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