Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to my beauty blog!

Hello world,

I finally gave in and decided to start my own makeup and beauty blog! By initiating this blog, by no means am I claiming that I am the messiah of makeup and beauty. I think it's always nice when women (and men) share stories about their beauty and makeup escapades. Particularly, it's quite challenging to find women of color sharing product swatches and reviews online, which helps a lot while online or in-store shopping. I am a total review whore. Thanks to fabulous beauties like Xinarox and Indian Makeup Diva, Marlena, RenRen, Nessa, Pursebuzz and many many more.... who have played a big role in my makeup and beauty products choices. There are many, many more and I will add them all to my blogroll. Why did I choose the title 'Bangladeshi Chick Loves Makeup'? Mainly because there are so many of my homegirls who are relatively clueless about makeup and me being one of them, I am still discovering and learning and this will be like my journal of 'discovery' lol. Okay, thats enough of an intro chatter. I will try to be as regular as possible and hope you guys find this blog interesting and useful :)

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