Monday, July 20, 2009

Foundation and Concealer Rundown

So I thought doing a small rundown of what types of foundations and concealers I use for different purposes. I discovered Everyday Minerals through a dear friend Tilo, back in 2007...but I didn't buy it until mid 2008. At first, I bought the sample kit (which is free because you only pay for shipping which is like $3). So anyway, ever since, for daily wear, I have been using Everyday Minerals foundations and concealers. The shades I use are : 2 parts golden medium and 1 part buttered tan. Works for me!

The Buttered tan is a tad lighter than my skin but golden medium is just perfect, here are swatches (my hands are only a tad bit darker than my face).

For the concealer, I did something reallyyyy novel :-). I had a like sooo many of the mini concealers in the sample jars for a while and thought of making them more user friendly, so I took them all (I can't remember names but roughly: sunlight powder, peach corrector, multi-tasking concealer, etc.) along with one portion of golden medium and mixed them up with eucerin face cream. Only like a drop of it, to make a thick paste. I have been using it for a while, and I really like it, for low coverage and everyday use.
The 'mash-up' concealer I made, is below, its not really all that great...the consistency isnt as buttery as MAC's studio sculpt concealer, but anywways heres a picture lol. I needed to find a use for all the EM concealer lying around and it doesn cover my undereye circles and blemishes.

Now onto, the going-out, party time, foundations and concealers. I rarely use liquid foundations and I rarely use foundations because its too much work and luckily my skin isn't that unfortunate that I always need to wear camera-ready makeup lol. Anyways, for those special occassions, I use Makeup Forever's HD Foundation in shade 127 with Posh's Foundation Brush. I moisten the brush with Evian Brumisateur Mineral Water Spray and then apply to moisturized face (primer is optional).

Swatch on my hand (I promise my hand and my face are the same shade almost!)

Mixes in like a dream and matches perfectly!

I like MAC's studio sculpt concealer in NW30 but it's gotten a tad dark for me for some reason. Makes my eyes look a little sallow, so maybe NW 25 would have been better because I read here that MAC's Studio Sculpt line runs a bit darker than the regular Studio Fix & Finishes.

Umm to set everything, I recently bought MAC's Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus. I swatched it kind of heavy so looks ashy but trust me, its perfect for NC35 and NC37 skin shades! I also use this sometimes when I am going out the door and don't have time for full-on foundation.

So that was a mini-foundation and concealer rundown of mine. I don't have a great camera so excuse the picture qualities =).


  1. u pretty much use similar foundation and concealer shades as myself!,, however The EM buttered tan foundation looks ashen on me,and go with EM winged Butter, perhaps a shade to consider during the cooler months in oman?? and yes the medium plus in mac skinfinish is perfect for desi skin tones!! hope you continue providing us with great insight to your skin routines :)

  2. Hey Goldspice, so nice to hear from you :) I did try Winged Butter one time and it was during winter time in Buffalo, NY where I was before. It worked quite well. Yes the MSF Natural in Medium Plus is really nice but I tend to get a little oily after like 6-7 hours, maybe due to all the minerals in it lol. Keep in touch :)