Friday, October 24, 2014

Rant time: My love for makeup!

Soooo....I love makeup.

Something about stepping into Sephora or Ulta or the makeup aisle in CVS, Walmart or Target just fills me with pure satisfication. Its as if all of my worries are slowly disappearing and I am in candy-land. Lipsticks, eyeliners, eye-shadows, foundations, mascaras, etc. whisper to me soft, gentle words which truly soothe my soul. Aaaah....Sorry I got a little too side-tracked with my raw and unrefined love for makeup...let me pull myself together. So. The thing is. I have a part-time job and I get paid peanuts. While I don't spend most of it and just put it towards my tuition, I save up a bit of it to buy some makeup. It makes me happy. So, when someone (a friend, a relative or just someone) thinks I should buy them Urban Decay eyeshadows and MAC lipsticks for shits and giggles, I am just blown away. Wait a minute? How did you even start to expect that?

By the way, my mom and sister are the only other people who I would and do buy makeup for...I learned to love makeup from my mom ( I used to see her Christian Dior lipsticks and lancome eyeliners and yearn for them) and my sister is my yeah, they are in the executive category. 

Back to the point---So how can people just begin to expect I get that look like 'Oh if she's using Urban Decay, she better get me some too '.. I mean....if I get you some out of my own will, that's a different thing, but here I am, trying to save up some of my peanuts (ew.) to buy some makeup and I am supposed to be buying some for you too? This might make me sound like a bad person (or not if you totally understand where I'm coming from), but I am not. I just don't have thousands of dollars laying around that I could just spend to buy department store makeup for other people. I bought a MAC lipstick two days ago and this is my first MAC lipstick of the year and that is the frequency at which I buy expensive makeup. Now. Why is all this relevant to this blog post? Well, I can't post any stuff about my makeup loot on any of my social media because the next thing you know, people are asking you to get them some too. My makeup is like my trophies. I treasure them and I enjoy caressing them late at night with some soft ballads playing (totally kidding). I would love to go all crazy on instagram and facebook and wherever talking about my makeup in discreet detail. What I post on here is not even half of what I have and I do that intentionally because I don't want emails or messages or even thoughts in people's head that the next time I see them,  I will be buying them a truckload of the same ish I have.

So I have to continue secretly admiring my makeup, without taking sensual photos of them and posting them up here or anywhere else. This sucks. 

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