Monday, October 6, 2014

One of many keys to happiness and contentment

I think I've found something. Something quite phenomenal. It took me some time to find it and I must say, it took quite an effort. Friends make up a huge part of our life (unless we are an introvert, solitary type of person). So as we forge new friendships in our lives, we often encounter a few snafus. Friends who don't quite reciprocate in the same way as we'd like them to or to the same extent that we'd expect them to. I had a blog post earlier about wonky friends and acquaintances, who never quite understand the meaning of maintaining friendship and reciprocation. But now, I think I have finally found the solution. This might be a bummer to many as its not a concrete, one-stop solution. There is a bit of faith and spirituality involved in this, so brace yourselves.

So there have been times when all of us have given a 'friend' a present, invited them over for a lavish dinner, or simply done them a favor and never heard from them ever again or worse, saw them doing the same but for other friends. I used to get so angry and think 'what about the effort I put in?' That is when my mind went like 'Eureka!':a higher power will reward me in a much better way. Possibly with a new job offer, saving a loved one's life, a higher salary or a gift of some sort. So wouldn't I rather have that greater, bigger, better gift from the Almighty than a five-course meal from a friend? Well, of course I would. This way of thinking has improved my mental well-being. It has actually happened more than once, when after an instance of disappointment, it was immediately followed by some sort of good news that is much bigger in magnitude, than what I would have received in return from that 'friend'. While not expecting anything in return is the best solution, it is equally important to watch who you spend your efforts on. However, the occasional snafus do turn up, and that is when I revert back to this thinking that my efforts have not been wasted. Something good is going to happen for me or someone I love, and I just have to wait. 

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