Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marks and Spencer Food

Loveee the food section at Marks and Spencer...check these goodies out! Of the pics I've posted, I've only tasted the shortbread is divine! I believe you can find similar shortbread cookies at Trader Joes.
 I've had Manuka Honey once and the taste is quite distinct...I like knowing that its so good for you and at the same time can be used as a sweetener. I must buy this the next time I go there.
 Buttery, crumbly, buttery squares of goodness. I can eat the whole box at one go.
 This might have been a holiday special. It says: Delicious butter rich shortcrust pastry mince pies filled with our fruity classic mincemeat, bursting with juicy sultanas, vostizza currants and raisins.
Yet another holiday special, All butter Cherry Genoa Cake: All butter fruit cake made with plump, juicy sultanas and glace cherries. hand decorated with glace cherries, cruncy brazil nuts, pecans and almonds.

I lose control whenever I see the words 'All Butter'. 

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