Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Skin care saviors!

I've always loved tea tree oil. I first came to know about tea tree oil when I was in 9th grade and did so by visiting The Body Shop. You know that entire tea tree oil line that Body Shop does...been around for ages. I've come a long way since that. Since the last 8 years or so, I've been investing in pure tea tree essential oil. I apply it to pimples, scars, etc. and find the effects to be much more powerful. I've also been using lavender oil and rosemary oil as well. I use these oils in my hair too. As a skin-care item, I add few drops of the tea tree and rosemary oils to my palm and add a healthy squirt of jojoba oil. I use this concoction to moisturize my face and it has a guaranteed no-breakout result. I'll also use the same mixture to deep cleanse my face using a hot washcloth. Jojoba oil is a wondrous oil, especially for oily skin. Oftentimes I'll notice that high-end face serums and oils list jojoba oil as its main ingredient. So why not buy a whole bottle and mix it with other essential oils to make your own elixir?

I've also recently been using Dickinson's Witch Hazel toner. I used to use this way back when but then sort of got off the toner bandwagon. But now I'm on it again and I can't imagine my skin-care routine without this. I saturate a cottonball with it and rub it over my entire face. It feels soothing, cleansing and gives a pore-tightening feeling (as mentioned on the bottle).

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